JakuTec manufactures state-of-the-art implants and instruments for e.g. spine, orthopedic and trauma surgery according to your exact specifications. More than 60 highly specialised experts dedicate their work and knowledge to technical excellence and precision.        JakuTec: Where precision delivers performance – German engineering for the inside.

product consulting


From the beginning in every JakuTec bespoke project, we work in close consultation and define precise agreements on all required specifications: This is where we answer the questions of what, how, and when? Do we see any room for optimisation or process improvement? The answers are individual for every product. Benefit from settlement covering all areas relating to:

  • documentation requirements
  • demands on process reliability and stability
  • qualification
  • validation
  • gauge R&R
  • cleaning

We take over the complete documentation and correspondence with our trusted suppliers for sterile packaging solutions on request.

If not already done, we transfer your specification into technical engineering drawings and 3D-models in due consideration of all regulatory and validation requirements.

At an early stage you get an overview of details concerning scheduling and preparation of the production processes. Every individual step is monitored and controlled closely by our quality assurance measures and within the defined limits. Permanent in-process control and dimensional inspection go without saying, and we constantly report on progress and results.



Product development, prototyping or producing engineering series are all different to producing instuments in high volume. When the numbers grow, the need for reliability and safety goes up as well. JakuTec provides you with maximum coverage for your bespoke batch production project – a full spectrum of services that cover every step in the high volume manufacturing process.

Wether you plan a full market launch after the introduction phase of a new product or simply want to switch from lower to high numbers – you will most likely face the similar challenges. Our years of experience as approved supplier and contractual partner of various globally active companies help you ramp up quickly to efficient batch production with a reliable process chain and a supply base that supports your strategic direction.

Our shop floor runs in a three shift operation, if necessary, and the CNC milling centre is capable to work 24/7.



JakuTec is just as much your perfect partner when bespoke volumes are relatively low but follow a just-in-time production plan. Manual production in our CNC centre allows flexible, yet precise and reliable process management.

Together we define your individual call for delivery quantity based on your blanket order and forecast. From then on you benefit from all the advantages of a one-stop shop: maximum coverage, maximum safety, technical excellence and German engineering.



Special requirements apply, of course, for implant production, especially when it comes to high volumes. Increased qualification and cleaning demands as well as advanced line clearance have brought us to the decision to expand with separated production areas for implants and instruments.

On over 3,000 square feet (over 300 square metres) our highly skilled experts finish cages, plates, complex special screws, components and titanium components ready for insertion into PEEK implants. Take profit from our experience and knowledge not only regarding market and branche structures but also about application of the products from the surgical point of view.

When individual gauges or special material structures, even for larger quantities, are required, EBM technology could prove useful. Have a look at our manufacturing capabilities.