We call them our „Masters of Complex Geometries“: Based on the extensive know-how and experience of our experts in the CNC centre, we are in the position to master even the most challenging tasks.

complex geometries

Once we have the product as a 3D model or a technical drawing, our experts simulate the machining process on the computer. Sculptural imagination of our programmers is essential: Up to 500 records can be stuck in a complex geometry of a surgical instrument or implant. Many single complex geometries equal one super complex geometry. The JakuTec torque limiter, for example, has 20 single ones. It is all about choosing the right strategy.

At the CNC centre, our workers can make last adjustments to the process, e.g. optimise the rotational speed or chose a higher or lower feed rate to obtain higher efficiency and better results. This procedure requires enormous experience, specific professional skills and of course permanent supervision and control.