JakuTec manufactures state-of-the-art implants and instruments for e.g. spine, orthopedic and trauma surgery according to your requirements. Wether you need final completion of a semi-finished product, or require instruments or instrument kits for inserting an implant – you want to move fast to capture the opportunities. We are your reliable partner from the initial idea to market launch. 


Increase resource efficiency, reduce investment risks, as well as time to market, and concentrate on what you do best: We can help you with five significant steps from the product idea to the launch. Experienced experts examine the technical and economical feasibility of your project and provide you with possible optimisation proposals. In step 2 we create the technical design in due consideration of all regulatory and validation requirements. The design is then transferred into technical engineering drawings and 3D-models which are necessary for the detailed scheduling and preparation of the production processes. Every individual step is monitored and controlled closely by our quality assurance measures and within the defined limits. Permanent in-process control and dimensional inspection is self-evident.



Sourcing out or working together: You determine the degree of cooperation. In any case we work in close consultation and report on progress and results. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the capabilities to perform a process with such a high degree of accuracy and complexity from the word go.

You want to confirm your idea works in practise. Our experienced staff know the entire spectrum of production-technological possibilities and discuss these in advance with you. Benefit from:

  • Advice with awareness and sense of responsibility for the distributors of surgical instruments and implants.
  • Technical and economical feasibility assessment and a reliable proof of concept.
  • Thinking and acting along the lines of handling and cleaning requirements.
  • Foresight for future market developments.

As early as preparing a first quotation we think about documentation requirements, process stability, qualification and validation processes. We take over the complete documentation and correspondence with our trusted suppliers for sterile packaging solutions on request.



Wether you want to improve reliability, accuracy, or handling of your surgical instruments or implants – in step 2 we create the technical design in due consideration of all regulatory and validation requirements. The goal of any JakuTec project is to provide you with a first-time-right design that can easily be transferred to batch production. With in-depth process knowledge and advanced innovation competence we dedicate our work to a surgeon-driven product design process. And we take care that your individual design requirements are kept in line with your overall system objectives at any time. 

  • Enjoy the worry-free feeling of knowing that your instruments deliver world class performance in the operation theatre.
  • Benefit from co-operating with your perfect sparring partner for surgeon driven product development process.
  • Achieve optimisation of production related costs for existing product sets through our design-to-cost-expertise.
  • We can easily convert data and sets of drawings from all established CAD systems.




You can call us at any stage in your product development process from concept specification and prototyping through to small series and batch production. Manufacturability and quality are built in from the start in every „JakuTec inside“ project. The computer-generated engineering drawings are now transferred into 3D models. These are the basis for the detailed scheduling and preparation of the manufacturing process.

  • „JAKOUBEK inside“, that means German engineering for the inside. 
  • Benefit from technical excellence, efficiency and a profound system overview.



Precision is essential in the field of medical engineering. And it is equally important that you can rely on adherence to schedules. As soon as all the design and engineering parameters are set, we start with the manufacturing process. Our long-standing experience in the machining of most different instrument and implant materials such as PEEK or titanium teams with our state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing technology.