Perfect handling, maximum safety, innovative excellence: JakuTec’s in-house design follows the same principles as any surgical instrument that we produce as a contract manufacturer.

torque limiter unit


JAKOUBEK’s smart design solution combines multivalent connectivity and a large torque limiting range with outstanding safety characteristics, highest accuracy, and long-term reliability.

  • Open design type. High product safety due to better cleaning and sterilisation characteristics
  • Designed to fit nearly any instrument combination. Full connectivity to all popular types of handles and couplings / attachments for surgical instruments
  • Large torque limiting range. Smart torque design allows for customisation by manufacturer to all individual torque requirements
  • No dependence on lube. Complete avoidance of MOLYKOTE® Molybdenum disulfide or other lubricants that are critical in health care applications
  • Precision engineered parts. Highest accuracy and repeatability throughout whole duty life
  • Strong in intellectual property position due to patentable design. Patent application already filed
  • Long-term validation. Test study yet under progress

dura needle holder


Engineered for the treatment of a dura mater perforation during an interspinal medical procedure. High level of ergonomic comfort and design for the user.

  • Ideal jaw strength due to outstanding ratchet design
  • Maximised tactile feeling due to vernier adjustments oft he ratchet
  • Bayonet shaped design for ergonomic comfort and fatigue-free working
  • Excellent self-retaining ratchet design
  • Delicately engineered jaw geometry enables multi purpose use with various needle types
  • Ideal balance with a 1:1 hand-to-tip movement ratio for improved control, feel and feedback
  • Available in various different jaw type specifications